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what it’s about

Drums are the essential element to communicate the most basic information of music – rhythm. They bring the power and motion of your music to your listeners. They make them move to your music and feel the groove. We know how drums should sound and be played.

What’s more immersive than music that surrounds you? Spatial music production puts your listeners right in the middle of your creative work. They are no longer sitting just in front of your music but wrapped in it.

Drum Sound

We compose, record and mix the perfect drum track for your music. No matter what style and tune … Jazz, Rock, Pop, Metal, Progressive, Latin, Electronic, large, big, direct, small, dominant, heavy, facile, … simply tell us what you want.

Spatial Audio

Reach your fans and listeners with your music in an immersive way. Why record and mix music only in 2-channel stereo? We record and mix your music in a 3-dimensional way and let the listener experience real spatial sound.

Audio Technology

Music and audio technology is a vast and a very interesting field. And it is so much fun. We love science and we are keen to find out how things work. That’s why we are doing research, teaching, testing and consulting.

our services

Track refresh


You have recorded your song but the sound is not like you want it to be. Send it in. We refresh single tracks or your whole production by exchanging and customizing your sounds.

Music Production


We produce your songs with a personal style and feel that helps to communicate your musical vision and message. We do amazing mixes in 2-channel stereo or spatial audio (surround/3D Audio)

Immersive Audio


We make immersive audio recordings for the full spatial experience. This means that the music is as close as possible to the real worlds’ sound on location. The binaural productions are made to be heard with headphones. The listeners do not just hear the music but feel like they are actually there and part of it. It is one step further than only surround sound.

Drum recording


We perform and record drums for your production to suit your needs and music. If you rather like to have your drums and performance recorded, we can do this as well.



We compose your ultimate drum track or entire song.

Consulting and Media


We offer consulting on all audio technology matters. So if you want to set up your studio or need acoustic treatments for your rooms, we love to help you.

We do also media productions, e.g. designing and coding webpages.

our works


We believe music must have a soul to communicate