For this project we designed a basic set of acoustic elements for SoundTeks’ recording booth and control room.

We did consulting during the construction phase of the gamesound studio for a major part of the elements (recording booth construction, air ventilation, sound insulation and room acoustics).

After the rooms were built we did room acoustic measurement, calculations and the design of the custom acoustic elements. In total we equipped the SoundTek Studio with:



Recording booth acoustics:


Acoustics consulting for SoundTeks’ gamesound recording booth.

115cm x 150cm (18cm) full wave/x-wave wall x1

145cm x 150cm (18cm) full wave/x-wave wall x1

40cm x 150cm (5,5cm) door wave x1

95cm x 150cm (8,5cm) high wave x1







Acoustic consulting for SoundTek gamesound studio.

Studio room acoustics:

125cm x 150cm (18cm) full wave/x-wave wall x1

140cm x 150cm (18cm) high wave wall x2




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